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Colors used throughout were inspired and strongly associated with melodic sound during the creation process. Some instrument/color associations include the sound of brass horns with shades of red and violins with green.  Light blue: a playful piccolo or flute. Deep blue: the low notes of a cello. Yellow: a flourish of trumpets. White: a respite of silence or a dramatic pause.

The art in this collection can set a mood in any space. The right piece can make a perfect backdrop for contemplative spaces like bedrooms and living rooms, or set the mood in an entryway or hallway. The displaying of this style of art within a space can bring a sense of harmony and help establish a palette. Color cues can be taken from these pieces and repeated in fabrics, accessories or lighting within any room.



These abstracts also have the unique ability of cutting the heavy ornamentation of traditional rooms and pieces in half. Pairing these clean modern lines and colors with older elements can make things feels fresh, balanced and inviting.

All pieces began with superior substrates including artist-grade, 100% archival canvas stretched on premium 1 1/2" deep stretcher bars and arrives ready to hang. Aluminum pieces are made using sealed and treated industrial metal. A combination of mediums from acrylic and oils, as well as layered Giclée applications are also 100% archival UV pigments and guaranteed to last for generations without fading or cracking.

All art for sale come signed along with certificate of authenticity for archival purposes.


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